DSOGaming – DELTAZEAL – First Impressions + First 5 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

Triangle Service and Degica have provided us with a review code for DELTAZEAL; the second vertical shooter from the “Shooting Love Anniversary” compilation. Below you can read our first impressions of it, accompanied by a video showing 5 minutes of gameplay footage from the game’s PC version.

DELTAZEAL is described as an homage to classic 90’s arcade games, and comes with a system of 10 power up slots which you can fill with any combination of wide shot, concentrated laser, or defensive auto guided missiles upgrades.

This basically means that players can collect powerups and create various combinations of firepower. Naturally, this versatility comes at the expense of raw power. For example, those wishing to focus on the concentrated laser powerup will gain a massive upgraded laser weapon, however their shots will not be wide enough and there won’t be any auto guided missiles to protect them.

DELTAZEAL is a great classic shoot em up, and since I love this kind of games, I found it really entertaining. The only downside here is that DELTAZEAL comes with only nine stages. Truth be told, this is a hard shoot em up, however I believe that the game would benefit if it featured 15 instead of 9 stages. Not only that, but DELTAZEAL can be finished – provided you learn all stages – in order an hour (and perhaps in even under thirty minutes).

Moreover, the game’s options are laughable. Okay okay, we’re talking about an arcade shooter in which you’ll be using only three buttons/keys, but still. Proper keyboard on-screen indicators would be a nice welcome, as well as more filtering options. The game does not even support native 1080p (only 1280x720). As said, this is an arcade port so these things are to be expected, but still we’d love to see “new” enhancements.

Overall, DELTAZEAL is a fun shoot em up. Fans of this particular genre will enjoy it and since the game comes with a 20% discount until October 23rd, we strongly suggest viewing our video and deciding for yourselves whether it is worth purchasing it or not.


DELTAZEAL - Five Minutes Of PC Gameplay Footage