Watch Dogs is perhaps one of the most crucial and important new IPs we’ve seen these past years

Apart from bashing triple-A games, we really enjoy playing some of them, you know? So take a look at Watch Dogs. Seriously, we dare you to take a look and tell us that it doesn’t make you anxious for getting your hands on it. But let us be frank with you; Watch Dogs is perhaps the most crucial new IP we’ve seen these past years, so make sure to keep an eye on it.
Watch Dogs is Ubisoft’s upcoming third person adventure game. The game seems to be using the new AnvilNext engine and sports big environments. Think of it as Assassin’s Creed meets Blade Runner meets Sleeping Dogs meets GTA IV. And boy does it look amazing. But you see, it’s not about the game’s visuals that we are so excited – which by the way look phenomenal for current generation platforms. Watch Dogs has already well polished physics, and some effects are similar to the ones found in PhysX titles. Not only that, but the game’s world feels alive, something that is really important in games with big cities.

Make no mistake though, there are a lot of scripted events. However, Ubisoft has played its cards well and those scripted sequences do not come in the way of its gameplay mechanics. Yeah, both the telephone signal jam and the traffic lights jam were scripted but they were well executed. The key difference with Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3 and Watch Dogs is that the scripted events of the later as not overused. This is essential and we hope that the final game will stay close to what Ubisoft demonstrated.
Watch Dogs shares a lot of features with Assassin’s Creed, as even the mini-map and the GUI (or the icons above the NPCs) are similar to Ubisoft’s acclaimed ‘assassin’ series. However, the game features a concept that has not been covered from other games, and that’s what really intrigues us. This is something new, a new story in a new environment that is taking advantage of things that are not overused… yet. Yes, there is a covering system. Yes, there are some scripted events. And yes, there is a slow-motion ability (that looks stunning during the rain). Watch Dogs is based on other successful franchises but comes as a nice surprise, since noone saw it coming. It’s a futuristic game that makes us believe that there is still hope in the gaming industry. And that feeling alone is enough to bow before Ubisoft’s upcoming IP.

One other thing that we should mention, is the amazing harmonics between all of the game’s features. You see, everything blends beautifully and does not feel out of place. Everything seems natural and there is – almost – nothing that breaks this whole illusion. Think of it as a dance/trance mix. You may choose to play some amazing tracks (aka: game’s features) but when you mix them, you might find out that they simply do not work together. Harmonics are essential in pretty much everything. Great harmonics can transform an average mix into an incredible eargasm and that’s what Ubisoft has accomplished with Watch Dogs.
Although Ubisoft has not announced the available platforms, we expect to see Watch Dogs in current generation consoles and PC.
And now, enjoy the official E3 2012 walkthrough!
Watch Dogs - Game Demo Video [UK]