Unreal Engine 3-powered Multiplayer FPS ‘Ravaged’ Is Now Available

After a successful crowd-funding campaign and praise from gaming press following their large beta and this year’s PAX Prime tournament, 2 Dawn Games and Reverb Publishing announced that the highly-anticipated, online multiplayer first-person shooter Ravaged is now available for Windows PC from Steam, Rain Digital Games, 2DawnGames, GameStop, Gamers Gate, Origin, and GameFly.
Designed by AAA industry veterans 2 Dawn Games, Ravaged’s savage and frenetic vehicular and foot-based multiplayer combat is precisely what many FPS gamers have been clamoring for.
Brian Harvey, director of strategic partnerships with Reverb Publishing said:
“Ravaged is a post-doomsday shooter that sets itself apart from the competition with brutal kills, gorgeous graphics, a wide variety of weapons and vehicles, and a pace and flow that ensures matches are enjoyable bouts of controlled chaos. It has the best assortment of features catering to the PC gaming audience that is continuing to show its support for the resurgence of first-person shooters on the platform.”
Ravaged supports PC features that other publishers have dropped in favor of console development, including: public dedicated servers; competitive support; and advanced graphic settings such as Eyefinity and Crossfire. Ravaged also licensed a new “game changing” tool for multiplayer games called FairFight by GameBlocks, which effectively and instantly deters the cheating that has plagued many of today’s most popular online games while also providing full access for the development team to monitor and customize the system.
Enjoy its launch trailer below!