DSOGaming – Weekly Editorial – Video Of The Week

So as you may have noticed from the title of this Editorial, we’re slightly changing things. Instead of choosing the ‘Comment of the Week’, you – our readers – can share and vote for your ‘Video of the Week’ that will be featured in our Weekly Editorials. This does not mean that we’re abandoning our ‘Comment of the Week’ column. No no no. Each and every week we’ll be choosing one ourselves.

We strongly believe that sharing a video is easier – and better – than spotting and then sharing a comment. Do note that your videos must be related to video-games.

Moreover, we want to address some of the ads that are being displayed. Google has added some videos that will be played automatically, and there is nothing we can do about them (those videos can be found everywhere, from YouTube to pretty much all websites). However, if you get pop-ups or ads that download files or ads that re-direct you automatically to other pages, feel free to report them so we can further investigate and remove them (a screenshot so we can see which ad causes the issue is crucial).

Enjoy and have fun everyone!

Street Fighter Red Tape: Vega

Street Fighter: Vega Outtakes