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DSOGaming Grand Christmas Giveaway – Win Our Top 10 Most Optimized PC Games Of 2015 [UPDATE: WINNERS]

We originally thought of launching our grand Giveaway contest on Christmas day. But you know what? That would be kind of lame. You see, Christmas is when people have free time to enjoy their games. You know that, we know that. So screw schedules and timetables. 

As the title suggests, we’re giving away our Top 10 most optimized PC games of 2015. Winners will be picked randomly via Random.org. Posts will be counted from the oldest to the newest comment (according to the Discussion ‘Oldest’ option).

The first winner will get our tenth most optimized PC game, the second winner will get our ninth most optimized PC game, the third winner will get our eighth most optimized PC game, etc.

The contest will run until December 23th, 23:59 GMT.

Similarly to our previous giveaway contests, you can take part in this giveaway via two methods. The first method is by leaving a ‘Thank You’ comment below. The second is by re-tweeting our giveaway. For your convenience, we’ve embedded our tweet below, so it can be easier to re-tweet it.

We should note that Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, CD Projekt RED, Bandai Namco, Techland and Rebellion contributed to our giveaway. So more power to them.

We strongly suggest using both methods as they will increase your chances of winning.

Disqus comments will be counted first and re-tweets will be added after them (from oldest to newest).

Duplicate comments will be deleted.

Enjoy and best of luck to everyone!


Below you can find our winners. We’ve had 388 comments and 239 re-tweets. The winners will be notified via email. Regarding those that won via their re-tweets (Nick Perris, Phelipe Deon, iZero, Danial s, akrambh and Carmine), make sure to follow us on Twitter and send us a PM so we can give your prices. Merry Christmas everyone!


10.) 251 – Dark Moyan – Project CARS
9.) 547 – akrambh – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege
8.) 432 – Danial s – Zombie Army Trilogy
7.) 21 – Caio Paiva – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
6.) 450 – iZero – Dying Light
5.) 600 – Carmine – Mad Max
4.) 191 – bagoly87 – Battlefield: Hardline
3.) 397 – Phelipe Deon – Grand Theft Auto V
2.) 10 – Pe3ball – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
1.) 396 – Nick Perris – Star Wars: Battlefront

DSOGaming - Top 10 Most Optimized PC Games f 2015 Giveaway