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DSOGaming Giveaway – Win a free copy of Yakuza 6

Another month, another giveaway. Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Yakuza 6 will release in the next few days. However, and since most of you prefer Steam, we’ve decided to skip the first two and give away Yakuza 6.

As with our previous contests, you can participate in this giveaway by simply leaving a ‘Thank You’ comment below. We will delete both duplicate and off-topic comments. We will also delete comments from all the accounts that were created for this or previous giveaways (Disqus provides information on when you signed up). 

Moreover, your account must have at least 70 comments. We’ve implemented this rule so that we can prevent all the accounts that some users have created solely for giveaways. Comments from accounts that have less than 70 total comments (or have comments only on giveaways) will be deleted. If you are new, you can start engaging with all other users in the Comment section and then participate in future giveaways.

The winner will be picked randomly via Random.org and comments will be counted from oldest to newest. This giveaway contest will end on Sunday 28th at 22:00GMT.

This giveaway is possible thanks to our Patreon members. So kudos to:

  • Corwin Wagner
  • tomatoman
  • Sonicx
  • Van Wehrle
  • Constantinos Zeniou
  • Torsten Gohler
  • Joat42
  • Luiz Tomas de Aquino
  • Russell Collins
  • Joe
  • Adam Salter
  • Ish Mickey

Best of luck to everyone!