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Duke Nukem Forever PC Review

I was really wondering how to begin writing this Review. Should I say that Duke Nukem Forever is finally here with us? “No shit dude, we can already see it” would be the answer from most of you. Should I say that I was not impressed with the low scores from all other gaming sites? It’s too obvious. Should I say that we won’t have our classic April’s Fool joke from this moment on? Hmmm, perhaps I should invent another one, like Duke Nukem Forever & Ever. Or should I say that it was not worth the wait? Nyaaaaah. After all, you can see its score so you should already know the answer. Perhaps I should borrow the lyrics of a Greek song: ‘What? Tell me what? I don’t know what to tell you. It was the end of an era!’ Continue reading Duke Nukem Forever PC Review