The Quick & Dirty: Episode 2, February 14th

Well a meaty week for PC news means a juicy Quick & Dirty. Cheeseburgers anyone? Sorry I was late with this one, Valentine’s Day folks! Also I think something’s wrong with my right ear? It’s a national tragedy, they’re already starting the protests. “Fix his ear!”, “Ear Fixes now!”. You bet your ass they are. Quick & Dirty time.

The Quick & Dirty: February 14, 2015



Spencer joined us in early 2015, previously a console centric gamer he switched to PC a few years ago. He later helped push for an increase in Japanese content on PC with the #SEGAPCPorts campaign. Previously he ran a SEGA fansite as well as co-hosted a gaming podcast. He thinks Duke Nukem 3D is the best FPS of all time, his text message alert on his phone is literally Duke Nukem saying “Let God sort ’em out.” Contact: Email