Halo Infinite new in-engine screenshot

Here are some of the new weapons & equipment in Halo: Infinite, including the Grappling hook

Microsoft recently released the first official gameplay video for Halo: Infinite, showing us 8 minutes of in-game footage. Halo single player campaigns used to be linear and straightforward experiences, but Halo: Infinite actually appears to be an FPS-RPG hybrid. Halo is no longer just a shooter.

Halo: Infinite will also have some RPG elements. However, make no mistake. Halo: Infinite is still very much an FPS. The combat is slick and fluid just like Halo 5, there’s a new grappling hook, and there’s lots of nifty new guns to blast enemies with. The core combat hasn’t changed though. You’ll be exploring a huge open-world full of objectives and stuff to do.

With that being said, this article will guide you through some of the weapons/guns, and also some equipment, which this game is going to feature. Halo: Infinite, has a new grappling hook and it changes the gameplay mechanics. You can use it to swing up to high ledges for easy traversal, and access, and even use it to hook onto fuel cells to blow enemies up.

In Halo: Infinite all weapons now have 3 parameters, and attributes: weapon type / damage type / firing type. Some quick examples:

  1. The new VK78 Commando weapon is defined like this: ‘Tactical Rifle / Kinetic / Auto’.
  2. The Plasma pistol is designated like this: ‘Pistol / Plasma / Charge’.

Here’s a list of the weapons shown during the recent gameplay footage by Microsoft (some are new, not all). Some of you might be already aware of these weapon types though.

Energy Sword
Halo Infinite BR55 Battle Rifle
BR55 Battle Rifle
Halo Infinite Assault Rifle (Rifle/Kinetic/Auto)
Assault Rifle (Rifle/Kinetic/Auto) – 36-shot clip, your standard AR from Halo
Halo Infinite MK50 Sidekick
MK50 Sidekick (Magnum, no scope, Pistol/Kinetic/Single-shot). A new pistol, but it looks like a variation of the old M6 series from previous games. 12-shot clip, no 2x zoom-in scope from Halo CE, ODST, or Halo 5. Seems to be a mix of high damage output and accuracy.
Halo Infinite VK78 Commando
VK78 Commando (Tactical Rifle/Kinetic/Auto). A new UNSC Tactical Rifle. It looks to have a slow rate of fire with heavy damage, and there’s a scope on top you can use to zoom in a little. 20-shot clip, basically a SAW with a scope on it. Acts like a DMR + AR.
Halo Infinite Ravager
Ravager (Brute weapon, Launcher/Plasma/Burst) – Fires 3-shot plasma bursts, overheats before it needs to be reloaded. Clearly deals a lot of damage and works with an overheat/vent reload mechanic. This also changes your melee to attack with the blade strapped to the front of the gun.
Halo Infinite Mangler
Mangler (Brute weapon, Pistol/Kinetic/Single-shot). 8-shot clip, basically the Brute Pistol-shotgun from Halo 3 that’s evolved through the games. This appears to be another Banished weapon and behaves similarly to a heavy pistol or revolver. Slow-firing, lots of damage.
Halo Infinite CQS48 Bulldog
CQS48 Bulldog (Shotgun/Kinetic/Spread). 10-shot clip. This heavy-hitting pump shotgun appears to be of UNSC origin and has a drum mag so you can spend less time reloading. Ostensibly, it’s the classic Halo shotgun with a couple of tweaks.
Halo Infinite Pulse Carbine
Pulse Carbine (Rifle/Plasma/Auto). The classic covenant plasma rifle outfitted into a more stable rifle shape. Similar to Halo 4’s and Halo 5’s Storm Rifle. Looks like an updated version of the Combine Carbine seen in previous games. Fires a short burst of plasma shots, and overheats if fired too quickly.

Other tools:

  • Grappling Hook: Chief can use this to pull himself around the map and into enemies, or to drag items to him.
  • Drop Wall: A defensive barrier that allows for one-way shooting.
  • Shock device: The Campaign trailer shows off some kind of electricity deployable which stuns all enemies it passes.

Other weapons that were shown but not used:

  • Needler (SMG/Kinetic/Auto)
  • Plasma Pistol – (Pistol/Plasma/Charge)
  • Brute Launcher (as shown in screenshots, not gameplay).

Few other Gameplay details:

  • Grappling hook is coming to multiplayer, but it’ll be changed
  • Clamber spartan ability from Halo 5 is still in.
  • Health bars return.
  • Brutes now have energy shields.
  • Warthog apparently can’t be damaged but may require fuel.
  • Brute grenades, sticky grenades, and frag grenades are in.

Thanks, TweakTown.

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