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Unreal Engine 5-powered Unending Dawn Gets New 7-Minute Gameplay Trailer

Parcaes Fate Studio has released a new 7-minute gameplay trailer for its upcoming open-world action game that will be powered by Unreal Engine 5, Unending Dawn.

This trailer shows off some of the game’s environments, as well as its combat mechanics. We can also get to see some of its in-engine cut-scenes. And, surprisingly enough, it looks pretty great.

As I’ve already said, Unending Dawn feels like a mix between Elden Ring, Sekiro and Genshin Impact. For instance, the game’s environments are similar to what we saw in Elden Ring. On the other hand, its art style is closer to Genshin Impact. So, think of this game as a hybrid between these two games. So, some may love it while others may hate it.

The combat mechanics of Unending Dawn are heavily inspired by Sekiro. Players will be able to parry enemy attacks. And, like in Sekiro and Wo Long, you will be able to break your enemy’s poise to get big finishers. Plus, the game appears to have some special moves. These moves are at the bottom right and are similar to those of Genshin Impact. And yes, there will be boss fights in it.

In a surprising move, the devs revealed that the game will be also coming to PS5. However, there is still no word on whether it will also come out on PC. We do know that Unending Dawn will be released on iOS and Android. So, it makes no sense to skip the PC platform. I mean, PC gamers will simply use an Android emulator in order to play it.

Anyway, enjoy the trailer and stay tuned for more!

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