The Outer Worlds gets an E3 2019 in-engine trailer, releases on October 25th

Private Division and Obsidian have released the E3 2019 trailer for The Outer Worlds. This trailer features in-engine footage from the game, as well as minor gameplay clips, giving you an idea of what this brand new RPG will look like.

The Outer Worlds is a player-driven story RPG in which your choices affect not only the way the story develops, but your character build, companion stories, and end game scenarios. The game comes with a “Flaws” feature via which it tracks your experience to find what you aren’t particularly good at. This optional approach to the game promises to help players build the character they want while exploring Halcyon.

The game is currently scheduled for an October 25th, 2019, release on Epic Games Store, and for a 2020 release on Steam (as well as other digital platforms).


The Outer Worlds - E3 2019 Trailer