The Division, Just Cause 4 and Anthem can look like next-gen games thanks to Reshade & Ray Tracing

Reshade is a tool that can significantly improve the visuals of your games. Seriously, this is something that most PC gamers should be using. Why you may ask? But because it can make your current-gen games look like next-gen remasters.

MasterGames TV has shared three videos, showcasing Reshade (with Ray Tracing effects) in modern-day games like The Division, Just Cause 4 and Anthem. MasterGames TV used a lot of settings (not just Ray Tracing) and the end result is truly spectacular. So yeah, these visual enhancements are not just due to Ray/Path Tracing.

However, these visual improvements have a performance cost. While MasterGames TV has not included any FPS overlay tool, you can immediately notice the performance drops when Reshade is enabled. Still, the visual improvements are amazing, and show why you should be using this tool in your games.

In all three games, the colours pop-up, the image is not as blurry or flat as before, there are additional shading effects, there is light bounce thanks to Ray Tracing, a better ambient occlusion solution is implemented, and everything looks way better than before.

Thanks to these tweaks, The Division is actually a lot closer to its lovely E3 demo. Seriously, this may be what the first next-gen games will look like (or at least what the remasters of current-gen games will look like in PS5 and Project Scarlett).

Unfortunately, MasterGames TV has not shared the complete list of settings. Moreover, we don’t know the GPU that was used in order to capture these videos. Thus, you may never get close to these visuals with your Reshade mods. Still, we believe that some of you will find these videos interesting, so go ahead and take a look.


The Division Ray Tracing Reshade RT Next Update E3

Anthem Ray Tracing Reshade RT

Just Cause 4 Ray Tracing Reshade RT