The Day Before screenshots-1

The Day Before will release on June 21st, will support Ray Tracing & DLSS

NVIDIA has announced that The Day Before will release on June 21st, and will support both Ray Tracing and DLSS. In addition, the green team released the first RTX trailer for this game that you can find below.

The Day Before is a new open-world MMO survival that takes place in a deadly, post-pandemic America overrun by flesh-hungry infected and survivors killing each other for food, weapons, and cars.

From what we know, The Day Before aims to be a cross between The Last of Us and The Division. The game will have elements of PvP and PvE, pitting you against other players and the game’s take on zombies called infected.

NVIDIA claims that the game will feature ray-traced reflections, ambient occlusion, and RTX Global Illumination.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

The Day Before | Official GeForce RTX 4K Gameplay Reveal