The Lord of the Rings ring of power

Take a look at Troika Games’ The Lord of the Rings 2001 Demo

In 2001, Troika Games was planning on working on a The Lord of the Rings game for Sierra. In fact, Troika Games developed a tech demo for this unannounced game, and we can finally take a look at it in the following video.

This 2001 LOTR game would be using an isometric viewpoint and would feature 2D graphics. The game would have pre-rendered backgrounds, and it would be using the Arcanum Engine. And… well… the demo runs pretty horribly. We’re talking about single-digit numbers.

Timothy Cain says that Sierra really liked what Troika Games has achieved, but they decided to pull all the development of this LOTR game internally. So in short, Troika Games was paid to create a demo for a potential LOTR game, that was it.

This demo looks kind of cool, and I’m pretty sure that most retro LOTR fans will find it interesting. Just don’t expect much from it.


Troika Games' Lord of the Rings Demo (2001)