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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Terminator: Resistance with Ray Tracing Global Illumination Reshade

YouTube’s ‘Digital Dreams’ and ‘SiNiSteR’ have shared two videos, showing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Terminator: Resistance with Reshade Ray/Path Tracing. Pascal Gilcher’s Reshade can significantly improve a game’s visuals by overhauling its Global Illumination effects. Thus, these videos showcase this Reshade mod in these two latest PC games.

For Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Digital Dreams included some before/after comparison scenes. As we can see, there are noticeable visual differences between these scenes. The lighting feels better thanks to the new post-processing Ray Tracing solution, and there is better ambient occlusion. Moreover, we can clearly notice the improved Global Illumination effects.

Unfortunately, SiNiSteR did not provide any before/after comparison scenes for Terminator: Resistance. As such, we can’t be certain about the visual improvements that this mod brings to it. Still, we can assume that they are similar to what we’re noticing in Jedi Fallen Order.

As always, this Ray Tracing Reshade mod comes with a noticeable performance hit. So while modern-day GPUs may have a hard time taking advantage of it, this mod will somehow make a number of games future-proof; especially those for which the developers do not plan to add any proper/native Ray Tracing effects. This mod will also give a reason to PC gamers to replay their favourite games when they buy new and more powerful graphics cards.

Moreover, Pascal Gilcher’s Ray Tracing Reshade mod is still in an beta stage. As such, this mod may receive some performance improvements in later versions.

Enjoy the following videos and stay tuned for more!

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order 4K - Raytracing GI - Ultra graphic - comparison - Gameplay

Terminator Resistance Reshade with Shader Ray Tracing