Star Citizen gets a really cool 50-man ground battle gameplay video

YouTube’s ‘Trieye’ has shared a pretty cool video showing 50 players duking it out in Star Citizen. This video was made possible thanks to the Spanish SC community. According to director Celestial, with only one shot, the team managed to capture enough for this short cinematic.

Now while this is a cool concept, it does show some of Star Citizen’s issues. For example, netcode is still not ideal for this high amount of players (as we can see jerky/laggy movements, most probably caused by the servers). Still, we are pretty sure that this is the kind of gameplay that most Star Citizen fans will be wishing to experience in the game’s final version.

We don’t know when Star Citizen will be released and to be honest, at this point we may be looking at a 2020 release (and I’m a bit optimistic here).

Kudos to our reader Sean for informing us about this video!

Star Citizen 50-Man Ground Battle | #Los50 Cinematic