Sons of the Forest feature

Sons of the Forest vs The Forest vs Red Dead Redemption 2 – Graphics, Physics & Attention To Detail Comparison Videos

YouTube’s ‘GameV’ has shared a comparison video between Sons of the Forest and The Forest, as well as one between Sons of the Forest and Red Dead Redemption 2.

The first video compares the physics and graphical/tech details of Sons of the Forest with its predecessor. This should give you an idea of the improvements that Endnight Games made to the sequel. And, as you will see, Sons of the Forest wins in every category.

Sons of the Forest vs The Forest - Physics and Details Comparison

But what about one of the most detailed games ever released? Well, GameV has also compared Sons of the Forest with Red Dead Redemption 2. Now while these two games are from different genres, it’s quite cool witnessing what Rockstar achieved in 2018. Endnight Games is obviously a small team that cannot compete with Rockstar. Still, I found this comparison kind of cool.

Sons of the Forest vs RDR2 - Direct Comparison! Attention to Detail & Graphics! PC 4K

Sons of the Forest is an open-world survival horror game, and it’s using Unity Engine. As we’ve already reported, the game sold over 2 million copies in its first 24 hours.

In this game, players are able to build bases & other structures. Furthermore, the game promises to have new enemy types (a whole new breed of monsters and cannibals). Not only that, but players can expect a few firearms that they can use (though there will be very limited ammunition). Despite that, though, the focus of the combat system will still be on hand-to-hand combat.