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Fallout 76 Update 42 released and here are all of its changes

Bethesda has just released a brand new update for Fallout 76. According to the release notes, Update 42 is 14GB on Steam and 23GB on Microsoft Store, and brings numerous tweaks, fixes and improvements.

Going into more details, Update 42 brings Daily Ops Mutations into Public Events, a new Season, accessibility improvements, and the ability to re-roll Challenges.

It’s also worth noting that this patch adds a “Enable Camera Shaking” setting under “Display”. Furthermore, it fixed an issue causing XP value awarded to be displayed incorrectly at very high levels. The game will now display High levels correctly for others, and the maximum player level is now 32767.

Lastly, Update 42 brings various performance improvements to Heart of the Swamp and Test Your Metal.

As always, Steam and Windows Store will download this update the next time you launch their clients. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

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