Halo feature

Someone is working on a Halo fan remake in Unreal Engine 4

YouTube’s ‘Sergiu Daniel’ is currently working on a fan remake of the first Halo game in Unreal Engine 4. While this project is still at a very early stage, Daniel released a video showing the progress that he has made so far.

In its current version, this remake allows players to equip Masterchief with all the weapons and supports proper firing mechanics. There aren’t any enemies and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any levels yet (apart from this WIP level showcased here). So yeah, and as I said, this is at a really early stage.

Now I know that Microsoft wants to protect its Halo IP and that the Masterchief collection may one day come to the PC, so I’m not pretty sure whether Daniel will be able to finish this project before receiving a C&D letter. Not only that, but such a remake is a huge task for a single developer so – again – I’m not sure if Daniel will be able to even complete a demo of it.

Still, this video shows this guy’s dedication so it is at least interesting. It’s also a clever way to show one’s skills so perhaps this video may help him to land a job at a studio some day.


Halo Unreal Engine 4 Progress 4