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RPCS3 – Most Promising PS3 Emulator – Video Shows Metal Slug 3 Running At Almost 60FPS [UPDATE]

YouTube’s ‘Zangetsu’has released a new video from RPCS3 – the most promising PS3 emulator that is currently under development – showing Metal Slug 3 running at almost 60fps. While this may not be impressive for some people, it can be considered a big milestone for the PS3 emulation scene (especially since the audio is also perfectly synced). Oh, and it appears that the latest build of RPCS3 is running on DX12. Enjoy!

Rpcs3 WIP DX12 - GamePlay 60 fps - Metal Slug 3


Here is also Retro City Rampage running at 60fps

Rpcs3 WIP DX12 - GamePlay 60 fps - Rétro City Rampage