Phantaruk, first-person perspective stealth survival horror game, gets brand new trailer

Polyslash has released a brand new trailer for its first-person perspective stealth survival horror game, Phantaruk. In Phantaruk, the player – a victim of expertiments – lands on board of the spaceship Purity02, and his/her only goal is to survive in
this immersive environment.

Phantaruk releases this August and below you can find its key features:

  • Find and use medical syringes to get rid of the toxins in your body which raise your pulse – if it gets too high, you will die.
  • Be on the constant lookout for batteries – without them your flashlight won’t work and you will get lost in the darkness.
  • Survive in first person perspective, hide when in danger, crawl through ventilation shafts and peek around the corners to see what hides in the shadows.
  • Discover the mystery of Purity-02 by reading notes left behind by the ship’s crew.
  • Enjoy the stunning visuals and beautiful soundtrack composed by Draco Nared.