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Official Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer all but confirms PC version, includes PC gameplay footage

Square Enix has just released Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4. As we’ve already reported, the game will be exclusively available on Sony’s platform for one year. And, from the looks of it, Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be coming to the PC in 2021.

The latest official trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake features gameplay that was captured on the PC. Thus, this trailer basically hints at a future PC release.

On one hand, it’s good that Square Enix has clarified the gameplay footage present in its latest trailer. This could also explain why this particular footage looks so crisp, without any aliasing or shimmering. Furthermore, it confirms what most of us basically thought when the company announced its exclusivity deal with Sony.

Let’s also not forget that Square Enix initially announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake would be coming first on PS4. The publisher never claimed that this was a PS4-exclusive game. So, and similarly to Death Stranding, we can expect to see this game on our platform at a later date.

Enjoy the following trailer which confirms the existence of a PC version, and stay tuned for more. Do note that this trailer contains spoilers!

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Thank You for waiting… | PS4