New trailer for the hybrid voxel/vertex-based space MMO, Starbase, showcases its key features

Frozenbyte has released a new trailer for its upcoming hybrid voxel/vertex-based space MMO, Starbase, that focuses on its key features. The game will feature a fully destructible and infinitely expanding universe, with a focus on building and designing spaceships and stations.

Set in a universe of vast scale and detail, the fully-destructible environment and hybrid voxel/vertex-based game mechanics enable simulations in the game at immense depth; minor collisions may break a few outer plates from your spaceship, while fast-speed crashes can rip the ship apart.

Moreover, Starbase will focus on exploration, resource gathering, crafting, trading, and combat.

Last but not least, Starbase will hit Steam Early Access in 2020. According to the devs, the game will remain in Early Access for at least 1-2 years. Frozenbyte plans to update the game with one major feature every month, with smaller updates on a weekly basis.

Enjoy the trailer and stay tuned for more!

Starbase - New Features Trailer (Jan 2020)