The Sinking City-10

New The Sinking City trailer showcases improved character animations

Frogwares has released a new trailer for The Sinking City, showcasing the improved character animations that it has implemented. The Sinking City is a Lovecrafian open world action investigation game and Frogwares appears to be doing everything it can to please PC gamers.

For example, apart from the visual improvements, the team will also release its powerful Level Editor to all The Sinking City players. This basically means that modders will be able to create new cities and mods, though this Level Editor won’t be available at launch day.

In The Sinking City, the developers will be also using cut-scenes with different camera angles and different colour schemes to set the mood of their cut-scenes. The developers are also using the lighting system to tell a story in a symbolic way, as well as to build tension and surprise the players.

The Sinking City is currently scheduled for a March 21st, 2019, release on the PC.


LMAO, WHY DOES HE MOVE LIKE THAT?! (a.k.a Animations Update)