New Ride 3 trailer shows off the Livery Editor

Milestone has released the new “RIDE 3 – Extreme Customisation” trailer that showcases the endless customisation features included in the Livery Editor. This editor is said to be a powerful tool that allows player to create their own bike livery and to speed on track with a unique style.

As the press release reads, customisation reaches new levels in RIDE 3 and goes beyond the 500+ mechanical and aesthetic parts you can modify to change bikes’ behaviour on track. With the new Livery Editor players can now unleash their imagination to create the livery of their dreams.

Tools available give them extreme creative freedom: race lovers have many official manufactures and aftermarket stickers to create their own racing livery, while creative talents can create real artworks on 2 wheels, with the layer system allowing to draw any image on the bike, the only limit is their creativity. All liveries can be shared online, to let friends and the community race with them and to get extra XP points and in-game credits. With a handy filters system, it’s easy to navigate among all available liveries to select the most popular, the latest or those for a specific bike model.


RIDE 3 Extreme Customization