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New in-engine trailer released for Torchlight III, focusing on Forts

Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games have released a new in-engine trailer for Torchlight III that focuses on Forts. In Torchlight III, every adventurer earns their own fortress in the frontier.

According to the teams, the fortress is a customizable, personalizable plot of environmental expression. Players can explore the freedom of creating both form and function as they place decorative set pieces alongside gameplay enhancing buildings.

“Forts are your personal mark on the world. Each will truly be unique and the resources are in your hands. The interior can be customized with a wide variety of cosmetic objects. Plant a lush garden, make a monument to your success, or memorials to the thousands of Goblins that stood in your way. Build a path… or don’t! The choice is yours. Forts are instantly ready to customize when unlocked early in Act I of Torchlight III. But first, you’ll have to claim your Fort from a local Goblin tribe. Experience the thrill of your own pest control adventure.”

Torchlight 3 will be coming to the PC this Summer.


Torchlight III | Your Fort Your Way