New gameplay video for Remedy’s Control showcases every supernatural ability

GameInformer has shared a new video, showcasing every supernatural ability that will be available in Remedy’s upcoming action-adventure game, Control. The first supernatural ability that players will get in the game is a prototype weapon that can grow into different type of forms.

The second supernatural ability is telekinetic ability called “Launch”. Launch will allow players to take control of the environment and you will be able to pick out things, rip things out from the wall and then launch them towards your enemies.

The “Shield” is the third ability via which players called elements from the environment and form a shield. The fourth ability is called “Evade” via which the main character can move really fast for a short period of time. Players will also be able to fly/levitate.

The last ability is a deviation from telekinetic abilities and, to be more precise, it’s a telepathic ability. Via this ability, you can take over the minds of your enemies and turn them to be on your side for a limited time.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more!

Every Supernatural Ability In Remedy's Control