Battlefield V feature

New Battlefield 5 gameplay trailer releases tomorrow, teaser trailer out now

Electronic Arts and DICE have released a new teaser trailer for Battlefield 5 and have revealed that a brand new, proper, gameplay trailer will be released tomorrow. Naturally, this trailer will be based on the Gamescom 2018 build that DICE will showcase at this upcoming gaming event.

Battlefield 5 will release on October 19th and will feature a single-player mode, as well as a Battle Royale mode. The game will also feature a more impressive destruction system. As the battle rages on and structures collapse, players won’t see pre-determined animations – but dynamic sequences based on physics, materials, and the hardware being used. Players will be able to drive a tank into a building, and the debris will instead move inwards. No matter how a building is destroyed, different parts of it will crack, move, and then crumble in a more time-extended way than in previous titles.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!