Minecraft looks like a next-gen game with Ray Tracing and new 2K textures

YouTube’s ‘Ultimate Immersion’ has released a new video that will blow you away. This video shows Minecraft with the recently added Ray Tracing/Path Tracing effects and some custom 2K textures. The end result is so great that makes this retro title look like a truly next-gen game and… trust us… you really need to see it.

As Ultimate Immersion wrote in the video description:

“I’m creating modern physically based photorealistic textures and custom models for Minecraft shaders for SEUS PTGI ray tracing shader which makes it look incredibly realistic, and yes this is Minecraft. I will show you some gameplay in a separate video, because I know many of you want to see it. All of the textures in my packs are done by me from scratch, meaning I take every photo myself and create a textures out of it. It’s a slow and percise process, but the results are showing really well. Currently my packs are available in x2048, x1024 and x512 pixel resolutions and are currently suitable for creative mode only as my texture pack is still in early stages, but I’m updating it constantly.”

When I first saw this video, I thought it was for an Unreal Engine 4 custom environment (like those we’ve shared in the past). Yes yes, the title is giving away the context of the video, however I initially didn’t pay attention to it. So imagine my shock when I realized that it was Minecraft.

This video right here shows how important lighting and textures are in video games. The fact that Minecraft has transformed into one of the most beautiful games out there also shows why NVIDIA (and AMD once it fully supports it) and developers should push for more ray tracing in future games.

We’ve seen numerous companies implementing photogrammetry in their games so let’s hope that the lighting will be the next area that will significantly improve over the next few years.


Would you believe this is Minecraft? New 2K custom models/textures update with - Ray Tracing [4K]