Lost Soul Aside feature

Lost Soul Aside – New video showcases 5 minutes of gameplay footage

Bing Yang has shared a new video for his upcoming fantasy action game, Lost Soul Aside, showing 5 minutes of brand new gameplay footage. Lost Soul Aside looks absolutely stunning, especially considering that it’s been created by a single person.

Lost Soul Aside started as an action Unreal Engine 4 indie game that was inspired by Final Fantasy XV. The game’s protagonist was based on FFXV’s Noctis, and the game quickly got everyone’s attention.

In order to complete his game,┬áBing Yang decided to co-operate with Sony and release Lost Soul Aside first on PS4 (and PS4Pro). As such, the game will come first on Sony’s console and will release on other platforms (most probably the PC) at a later date.

From the looks of it, this will be an action game with gameplay similar to Devil May Cry and Bayonetta.

Enjoy and stay tyned for more!

Lost Soul Aside PSX2017 Demo Full Gameplay