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Leaked gameplay footage emerges from THQ’s cancelled The Avengers game

Prior to Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers Game, THQ was working on an official The Avengers game. However, and after THQ went bankrupt, that game was cancelled. And today, it appears that some gameplay footage from this cancelled game has been leaked online.

THQ’s The Avengers game was a first-person game. The game would feature four super heroes and these are: Iron-Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk. We don’t know whether THQ was planning to include more than those.

The game would have a number of objectives to complete, and players could fight various enemies. By killing enemies, players would be getting experience points. Thus, we can assume that the game would feature some sort of RPG elements (or at least character development). Naturally, all super heroes would have their iconic moves. For instance, Captain America can throw his shield, Thor has his hammer and Iron-Man can shoot projectiles.

Do note that the following videos are from a really early stage. Most of the environments are not finished, and a lot of objects lack textures. Obviously, these game builds are also not that polished. Still, we are certain that some of you will be interested in them so go ahead and take a look.


The Avengers | Footage of THQ's Cancelled FPS [July 14, 2011 Build]