Just Cause 4 gets another gameplay trailer, showcasing what players can expect from it

Square Enix has released yet another gameplay trailer for Just Cause 4, giving players an overview of everything they can expect from the most ambitious Just Cause game to date. This trailer is full of explosions and action, and showcases the game’s environments and its dynamic weather effects.

Just Cause 4 will be powered by the APEX Engine which promises to deliver the most interactive, extreme weather simulations ever seen in a videogame, complimented by incredible visuals, unparalleled physics and endless creative possibilities.

Just Cause 4 will feature more biomes, vehicles and weapons than ever before, all set over the largest land mass ever seen in a Just Cause game. Solis, the main island, is said to be a rich and dangerous playground, as players explore the world they will uncover a plethora of secrets and surprises.

The game is currently scheduled for a December 4th release!

Just Cause 4: Deep Dive Trailer [ESRB]