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Hideo Kojima talks about the similarities between Death Stranding and the current pandemic

In a recent interview with IGN, Hideo Kojima talked about Death Stranding, and the current virus pandemic. Kojima looked at the world at that time, and felt that it was becoming divided, and that people were becoming isolated. Which is very similar to what is happening right now.

According to Kojima, the situation was the same all over the world during the production of Death Stranding. However, thanks to the world wide web, the world is also increasingly connected. The use of social media has become second nature, and technology like WI-FI and mobile tech keep people in touch.

Nevertheless, even on the internet, many people are still becoming isolated and divided. And even if they are connected with each other, sometimes they still resort to conflict, bullying, and so on. In such a society, Kojima wanted to create lighthearted, positive connections between people within the game.

Death Stranding is very unique game, and definitely not for everyone. However, it did try to take a different approach on multiplayer and online features. And while this is my least favorite Kojima game, I have to admit the online features were a welcome addition. Except the damn signs that are literally everywhere.

Below you can watch the full interview.

How Death Stranding Foresaw Our Future (feat. Hideo Kojima)

Thanks IGN.