Tomb Raider RTX Remix

Here’s the original Tomb Raider with RTX Remix Path Tracing

YouTube’s ‘Dominus Aurate’ has shared a video, showcasing a WIP RTX Remix Path Tracing Mod for the original Tomb Raider game. This video can give you a glimpse at the graphical improvements that RTX Remix can bring to old classic titles.

Tomb Raider came out in 1996 on 32-bit consoles (Playstation and Saturn) and PC. It was the game that made Lara Croft a household name in the industry.

By using RTX Remix, Aurate was able to significantly improve the graphics of this old PC game. In a way, this RTX Remix Mod reminded me of the good old 3DFX patches. Voodoo and Voodoo 2 were able to blow us away with the visuals they could produce back in the 90s. Ah, the memories of 3DFX and GLIDE.

Anyway, as you can see, with RTX Remix Path Tracing, Lara Croft can cast shadows, and there are proper environmental lighting effects. There are also some amazing reflection effects. However, the textures remain the same, and clearly lack PBR properties. In theory, this is something that the RTX Remix Creator Tool will be able to resolve. For what it’s worth, there is still no ETA on when this tool will come out.

For those wondering, this RTX Remix Mod for Tomb Raider is not yet available for download. Still, you can go ahead and watch this video that showcases it in action.

In June 2023, we shared some other games (Call of Duty 2, Fallout New Vegas and Skyrim) with RTX Remix. You can also find Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Need For Speed: Underground 2 with RTX Remix. As such, we highly recommend checking them out.

Lastly, I’ve also included below a video showing Mount & Blade with RTX Remix. Similar to Tomb Raider RTX Remix, this mod for Mount & Blade is a WIP. Nevertheless, it looks cool so be sure to also watch it.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Open Lara: Reimagined Realms - Level 1 Playthrough

Mount and Blade | with NVIDIA RTX Remix Test 01