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Here is your first look at Borderlands 3’s new pinging system

Last week, we informed you about the new pinging system that Borderlands 3 will feature. This pinging system is similar to the one featured in APEX Legends and today, we are happy to share the first video showing the game’s pinging system in action.

In Borderlands 3, players will be able to ping objects and enemies so that they can – quickly and effectively – communicate with their co-op partners without speaking.

“If you ping enemies, loot chests, guns, or other key points of interest in the game world, those interest points are highlighted in-world and on the mini-map for all players to see, and your character fires off a contextually relevant VO line.”

As said, this pinging system is identical to the one that Respawn introduced in APEX Legends. Now I know that some will criticize Gearbox for copying ideas from other shooters, however I believe that more and more developers should be implementing this pinging system in their co-op games.

Borderlands 3 is currently planned for a September 13th release and will be timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store!

Borderlands 3 - Pinging