Counter Strike Condition Zero feature

Here is what Counter-Strike VR could have looked like

YouTube’s ‘Crowbcat’ has shared a pretty cool video, showing what a VR version of Counter-Strike could have looked like. Crowbcat used Pavlov and H3VR in order to give us a glimpse at this potential VR version of Counter-Strike, and it looks incredibly cool.

Now this is mostly a concept video and nothing more. While players can play Pavlov and H3VR right now, there isn’t any Counter-Strike mod or a VR fan remake of Counter-Strike (at least not one that we are aware of).

A VR version of Counter-Strike would open new gameplay possibilities (provided it’s close to what Crowbcat showcases here). Gamers would be able to improve their weapon accuracy by holding their guns tighter, they would be able to blindly throw grenades around corners, they would be able to pick up and throw enemy grenades, shoot simultaneously in two directions, shoot blindly from a cover, steal a clip from their enemies, kill them with their knives and more.

Seriously, this is something that Valve should consider creating, especially since Counter-Strike is so popular. Moreover, a proper – and high-quality – VR version of Counter-Strike would definitely boost the VR headset sales.


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