Half Life 2 feature

Here is Half-Life 2’s Ravenholm in Unreal Engine 4

In December 2021, we shared two videos that showcased Half Life 2 in Unreal Engine 5. And a couple of days ago, YouTube’s “Ian” shared another video, showing off a part of Ravenholm in Unreal Engine 4.

Similarly to the previous fan recreations, this new one will give you an idea of what a modern-day remaster of this classic FPS could look like. Needless to say though that you should temper your expectations. After all, this was created by a single person.

Speaking of Half-Life 2, there is still no word about Half-Life 2 Remastered Collection. At this point, I’m not even sure whether this remastered collection is in active development. Regardless of that, there is an unofficial remaster of Half-Life 2 that you can download, called Half-Life 2 Update. Half-Life 2 Update features a complete lighting overhaul including enhanced lighting, more detailed world shadows, and full High Dynamic Range Lighting (HDR). It also has new particle effects and improved fog.

Lastly, we haven’t heard anything interesting about the Half-Life 2: Episode 3 fan game, Project Borealis. The last WIP gameplay footage we got for it was two years ago. On the other hand, Boreal Alylph, another HL2: Episode 3 game, is no longer under development.