Watch Dogs Legion new Header

Here are two new gameplay trailers for Watch Dogs: Legion

Ubisoft published two new gameplay trailers for their upcoming open-world title. Watch Dogs: Legion is the third title of the series. The first trailer is a breakdown of co-op gameplay. While the second trailer is the rebel’s guide to the resistance.

Lately Ubisoft is going all out in terms of marketing their upcoming titles, and Watch Dogs: Legion is no exception. The game has been delayed several times already, but it will finally be released in the end of this month.

Watch Dogs: Legion, like its predecessors, is mostly about hacking. Though, unlike the previous games where you controlled a specific character, in Legion you will be able to control multiple characters.

Everyone can be recruited, and everyone can die. As long as you have the permadeath option enabled. So if you want a team of grannies running around London hacking, and beating people up, well, you can.

Below you can watch the latest trailers for Watch Dogs: Legion.

Watch Dogs: Legion - The Rebel's Guide to the Resistance

Thanks IGN.