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Here are three minutes of gameplay from Outriders featuring legendary weapons

Outriders is the upcoming looter-shooter from People Can Fly. We recently posted an article with some gameplay, along with an interview of the studio director and the lead writer. Game Informer published a video, showcasing some of the legendary weapons which can be found in the game.

Legendary is usually the highest grade of loot rarity in looter games, and Outriders is not an exception. Many games do not put that much effort in their loot. More often than not, higher tier loot is only different in terms of stats.

Though, some games like Borderlands 3 for example, make legendaries unique, in terms of stats and appearance. It looks Outriders is following Gearbox’s example and making legendaries look and feel unique.

One of these legendary weapons is the Thunderbird. An ugly looking assault rifle that strikes enemies with lightning when you shoot them, doing three times the damage of a regular rifle. This weapon can be lethal in the right hands, but it can also be useless when you face shock troopers.

Another weapon is the Golem’s Limb, which looks exactly what the name suggests. It is a pump action shotgun that grants you physical armor made out of rocks, each and every time you kill an enemy.

Lastly, we got another pump action shotgun named Paxian Blessing. The weapons has a mystical look on it and when you reload you restore health for each enemy you killed since the last time you reloaded.

You can watch the video showcasing the legendaries below.

Outriders’ Weirdest Legendary Weapons In Action

Thanks Game Informer.

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