Here are Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Battlefield 5 running in glorious 8K on Ultra settings

Thirty IR has shared two videos, showing Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Battlefield 5 running in glorious 8K on Ultra settings. In order to achieve something like that, Thirty IR used two NVIDIA Titan RTX graphics cards in SLI as playing these modern-day games on a system with two NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080Ti GPUs was impossible.

According to Thirty IR, the main reason that it was not possible to game in 8K on Ultra settings on the RTX2080Tis was mainly due to their 11GB of VRAM. Thanks to the 24GB of VRAM that the Titan RTXs are equipped with, both Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Battlefield 5 were able to launch and run.

So while the raw performance difference between the RTX2080Ti and the Titan RTX is really small, the additional amount of VRAM is crucial for such really high resolutions. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, for example, the game used 22GB of VRAM. As for Battlefield 5, the game was only playable in 8K when using a mix of medium/high/ultra settings not using any sorts of anti-aliasing on the RTX2080Ti SLI system.

Performance wise, the NVIDIA Titan RTX SLI system is able to deliver a constant 60fps experience in 8K on Ultra settings. The Frostbite Engine is incredible and this right here shows how optimize the engine actually is as we’re talking about a modern-day game running in 8K with 60fps on Ultra settings. On the other hand, Shadow of the Tomb Raider runs with 18-23fps, making it completely unplayable. Do note though that Thirty IR also used SMAA4X which is the most demanding AA option of the game, so theoretically the game should run way faster without any AA.


RTX Titan SLI | BFV 8K ULTRA PC Gameplay | ThirtyIR

Shadow of the Tomb Raider 8K Benchmark (+SMAA4x) [8K 60FPS] | Titan RTX SLI | ThirtyIR