Halo Reach feature

Here are over 50 minutes of PC gameplay footage from single-player campaign of Halo: Reach

The final flight for Halo: Reach PC is currently under way and below you can find two videos, showing over 50 minutes of gameplay footage from the single-player campaign. Both of these videos are at 60fps and will give you an idea of what you can expect from the PC version.

The final PC flight for Halo: Reach features two single-player campaign missions: Noble Actual and Winter Contingency. The first playthrough for Noble Actual comes from ‘chae’ and is at 1080p/60fps. On the other hand, the playthrough for Winter Contingency is from ‘Dataanti’ and is at 4K/60fps.

Since this is the final PC flight for Halo: Reach, we may hear more about its release date soon. However, and contrary to an earlier report, we don’t see it coming out on the PC in 2019. From the looks of it, this feels more like a Q2 2020 release (we are merely guessing here).

But anyway, we are certain that a lot of PC Halo fans will be interested in the game’s single-player campaign. Therefore, go ahead and take a look at the following videos.


Halo Reach MCC Flight 3 Campaign: Noble Actual

MCC PC: Halo Reach: Winter Contingency 4k 60FPS