WWE 2K22 temp

Here are 9 minutes of gameplay footage from WWE 2K22

2K Games has released a Gameplay Deep Dive video, in which it showcases 9 minutes of gameplay footage from WWE 2K22. And, surprisingly enough, this gameplay footage looks miles better than the game’s first in-game trailers.

For instance, there is a proper camera shake when the wrestlers hit each other. Not only that, but the wrestlers appear to have “weight” and they are not as floaty as they were in the first in-game trailers. You can also feel the impact of their hits, which is a good thing.

Now I don’t know whether 2K Games will f’ things up with MTX, NFTs or whatever. I also don’t know whether the final version will be plagued by bugs and glitches. However, this gameplay footage looks pretty good.

2K Games has not confirmed whether PC will be getting the current-gen or the old-gen version. We’ve asked the publisher about this, and we still haven’t received an answer. From what we know, the PC version will be priced similarly to the old-gen version. Thus, we can assume that PC gamers will get the old-gen version.

Stay tuned for more!

WWE 2K22 Ringside Report #1: Gameplay Deep Dive