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Here are 7 minutes of gameplay from the updated demo of Ghostrunner

The upcoming first-person cyberpunk themed slasher, Ghostrunner, just got an updated demo. All In Games initially released a demo of the game back in May, which you can read more about it here. The updated demo is now available through Steam.

The demo is roughly the same as before, but much more polished since it is an updated build. Players will now have the ability to change key bindings, thank god! If for some reason you prefer playing with a gamepad, do not worry. The developers added more controller schemes for you to choose from.

According to Radek Ratusznik, game designer on Ghostrunner, they are listening to the player feedback. They made the game feel more fluid, in terms of movement. They also implemented a number of stats, such as player deaths.

Since Ghostrunner was inspired by Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell, the developers wanted to create a heavy atmosphere with plenty of elements such as lights, fog, buildings, and rain. The team wants to fully utilize the RTX tech, including ray tracing and optimization.

The game will support raytraced soft shadows, raytraced reflections, and raytraced ambient occlusion. Lastly, the demo also includes new story bits. The rest you will have to find out yourselves.

You can watch below seven minutes of gameplay from the updated demo of Ghostrunner.

Ghostrunner's Updated Demo Features a New Story Level - Gameplay

You can download the demo through Steam from here.

Ghostrunner is scheduled to be released on October 27th.

Thanks IGN and The Escapist.