The Crew Motorfest screenshots-3

Here are 25 minutes of leaked gameplay footage from The Crew Motorfest

This weekend, Ubisoft held an Insider Program Testing for The Crew Motorfest. And, as you may have guessed, a video has been leaked, showcasing 25 minutes of gameplay footage from it.

The Crew Motorfest promises to build on the legacy of The Crew franchise to make it the best open-world action-driving experience in the series. Players will race through the city streets of Honolulu, go down the ashy volcano slopes, adventure deep in the lush rainforest, drift along the curvy mountain roads, or just chill down on the sunny beach.

Unfortunately, the bitrate of this video is really low. Thus, the quality of the video is really poor, making everything look blurry. Moreover, the user’s ID is all over the place, so expect Ubisoft to take down the video in the blink of an eye. You can also find a mirror link here.

From what we can see, the video was captured on a PlayStation 5. Moreover, according to reports, the PC version will be locked at 60fps (like the previous The Crew games).

Ubisoft plans to reveal more about The Crew Motorfest during its Forward June 2023 event, so stay tuned for more!