We Happy Few gets an amazing E3 2016 trailer

Compulsion Games has released an amazing E3 2016 trailer for its upcoming action adventure game, We Happy Few. In this trailer – which is the opening sequence to the game – Arthur Hastings suddenly decides to go off the state-encouraged happy pills and finds out the horrific things that have been happening all around him.

Regarding the game’s backstory, Compulsion Games had this to say.

“In a dystopian, mod 1964 England that lost World War II, the citizens of Wellington Wells are taking a happy drug called “Joy”, and living in denial over their grim existence and a terrible past.”

We Happy Few is coming to Steam Early Access on July 26th and here are its key features:

  • a procedurally generated world, meaning that everyone’s experience will be unique,
  • a range of difficulties for new and experienced players alike,
  • permadeath, if you want to satisfy all your masochistic needs,
  • three modes: sandbox, story and Wellie mode,
  • a unique soundtrack, and
  • a fully voiced, cinematic, first person story.