Frozenbyte Issues Honest Video, Trine’s Future Is In Question

Last week, we reported about Trine 3’s short length. While Frozenbyte issed a public statement explaining things, the team also felt the need to release a video apology for Trine 3’s length. As the team noted, it originally intended for a game of this length from the very first moment it announced it. However, Frozenbyte claims that it had not communicated with its fans properly to let them know about it.

Frozenbyte is unsure at this point whether it will be able to release additional content and story via free DLC, paid DLC, a standalone game or even a free upgrade.

Frozenbyte also claimed that the 3D transition is something that the team wanted to experiment with. While Trine 2 was awesome, the team felt the need to add something new to Trine because they are really passionate with this particular franchise.

It will be interesting to see what will happen with the Trine franchise and whether Frozenbyte will be able to recover from this.