Forza Motorsport vs Forza Motorsport 7 AI Video Comparison

Turn10 held yesterday its monthly livestream for Forza Motorsport, in which it showed a video comparison between its AI and Forza Motorsport 7’s AI.

Turn10 stated that it has evolved the game’s Drivatar system to use machine learning. Drivatar will no longer replicate the driving behavior of players’ friends. Instead, the game will now rely on machine learning techniques.

What’s interesting here is that the game won’t be using any AI cheats, hacks, or rubber banding. Rubber banding was a HUGE ISSUE in Forza Horizon 5. In fact, all the latest racing games have awful rubber banding issues. So yeah, I’m a bit skeptical about this, and I’ll believe it only after I’ve played the game myself.

Turn10 also claimed that AI opponents can make mistakes during the races. The developers claim that this will make the game more dynamic. Since we’ve seen other racing games in which AI opponents can do crazy things and mistakes, I’m not that impressed by this.

Forza Motorsport will feature over 500 real-world cars at launch. Moreover, the game will pack more than 800 unique upgrades and custom modifications. Not only that, but the game will start with 20 environments featuring multiple track layouts for players to master.

Turn10 Studios was able to depict 10 times more realistic detail including highly detailed vegetation and overgrowth. Additionally, this new Forza Motorsport will include tens of thousands of fully animated 3D spectators.

Forza Motorsport will release onĀ October 10th. The game may also support ray-traced global illumination on PC, as well as ray-traced reflections.

Enjoy the following AI video comparison between the two Forza Motorsport games, and stay tuned for more!