Counter-Strike 2 feature

Counter-Strike 2 has some new amazing water effects

Valve has released a new update for the closed beta build of Counter-Strike 2 and Twitter’s member Aquarius has shared a short but sweet gameplay video from it. This gameplay video showcases the new water effects that Valve has added to Counter-Strike 2.

Counter-Strike 2 will feature overhauled graphics and maps. Valve has rebuilt from the ground up numerous maps, leveraging all of the new Source 2 tools and rendering features. Furthermore, the team has upgraded other maps that use new Source 2 lighting, including a physically based rendering system that produces realistic materials, lighting, and reflections.

Moreover, Valve will release the Source 2 tools and rendering features to the community map makers to make it easier to build, experiment and iterate.

Alongside the amazing water effects that you can see above, Counter-Strike 2 will also have some impressive smoke effects.  Smoke Grenades will now be dynamic volumetric objects that interact with the environment, and react to lighting, gunfire, and explosions. Furthermore, the shape of the smoke cloud can be pushed and carved by bullets or grenades.

Back in March 2023, Valve claimed that it would release CS2 as a free upgrade to CS: GO. However, there is still no exact ETA on when this will happen. Naturally, though, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

In March 2023, the game’s Limited Test build was leaked online. Do note, though, that if Valve catches you using it, it may ban you. Thus, in order to be in the safe zone, we suggest avoiding it. After all, you’ll be most likely playing it in one or two months from now.

Stay tuned for more!