First in-engine trailer released for Codemasters’ new GRID racing game

Codemasters has released the first in-engine trailer for its upcoming racing game, GRID (the team claims that this is a gameplay trailer but as you will see, it mostly features external replay camera viewpoints).

GRID promises to offer a perfect balance between risk and reward that will satisfy all types of players. The handling is said to be incredibly responsive and the learning curve will allow arcade players as well as sim fans to take as much pleasure as possible. As players progress through the game, they’ll earn extra liveries for vehicles, player cards, teammates, successes and flying medals. AI drivers will also push the players to their limits.

The game will also feature a realistically simulated damage system that will affect performance, and will feature a “nemesis” system via which AI drivers will try and take their revenge on players.

The game was originally meant to come out this September but Codemasters decided to delay it until October 11th in order to further hype this new racing game and offer more pre-release exposure to it.


GRID | Race For Glory Trailer [US] | #LikeNoOther