First gameplay trailer released for WWE 2K19

2K Games has released the debut gameplay trailer for WWE 2K19. According to the press release, the trailer takes players on a whirlwind journey through several WWE fan favorites and product campaign leaders, including pre-order bonus playable characters Rey Mysterio and Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, 16-time WWE World Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair and many more.

Yeap, from the looks of it there will be a lot of wrestlers that will be available via pre-orders, and most likely post-launch DLCs. Also, we don’t know whether this new 2K game will filled with microtransactions like NBA 2K19.

The game will focus on the “Return of Daniel Bryan” Showcase which features vignettes with historic WWE footage and Daniel Bryan’s own words. Players will fight for his dream by competing in 11 objective-based, legendary matches, and one additional “surprise” match, playing as variations of Daniel Bryan to unlock historic arenas, Superstars, attires and championships.

WWE 2K19 is currently scheduled for an October 9th release.


WWE 2K19 - The Phenomenal One (INTL)